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photo by Chloe List

Torta ahogada with pork carnitas

Tofino Wines proprietors April Sack and Mark Nevin count Cala as one of their favorite spots in the city. That’s partly because Mexico City–based chef Gabriela Cámara is constantly evolving her nuanced approach to Mexican flavors. But it’s also because the wine list is perfectly suited to the modest space and the intense flavors. “They have a very small, tightly edited wine program, but every selection is well chosen, and you don’t wind up seeing all the usual suspects,” says Nevin. For example, you might wash down your mussel tamal with a Louis-Antoine Luyt país rosé from Chile’s Maule Valley. (When Luyt’s zesty pipeños first hit the Bay Area market, they debuted at a trade tasting right here.)

149 Fell St., San Francisco, California



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This story appears in the print issue of October 2019.
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