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Bourbon House

Bourbon House is a triple entendre. The name of Dickie Brennan’s latest seafood-focused project points to Bourbon Street, seen through the giant windows in one endless, often surreal, take. Second, the original Bourbon House was once a locals hang-out; the new restaurant’s raw bar captures that old-time neighborhood spirit. Finally, there’s Bourbon, which Brennan obviously wants you to drink. Rarities such as George T. Stagg and Jim Beam’s 20-year Distiller’s Masterpiece appear on the extensive list, along with cocktails like Manhattans made with vanilla-scented Buffalo Trace; sippers of Knob Creek, ginger ale and lime; and Old Forester frozen milk punch dusted with nutmeg. Drinks like these could make a wine list obsolete.

44 Bourbon St., New Orleans, Louisiana



This story appears in the print issue of October 2008.
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