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Hidden under Chelsea Market is New York’s newest cocktail megaplex: The Tippler. This 150-year-old, 3,000- square foot storage space was recently given a 40-foot marble bar, wood detailing from reclaimed New York City water towers, a few oriental rugs and one hell of a bar program by consulting powerhouse The Tippling Bros. Here, they shed pretention in favor of “lushies”—frozen drinks like the Snow Groni, a blended Negroni, or the Wise Cold Sage, an exuberant mix of agricole rum, sage, Creole schrub and sugar cane syrup. The expansive list offers more than 20 other un-blended cocktails, with highlights like the Gin and Chronic, a wacky riff on a G&T that includes spiced lime and bittersweet hops. Though it’s hard not to give in to one of the many cocktails, The Tippler also offers a savvy selection of wines by the glass (the 2009 Perroud Brouilly or 2009 Gunderloch Kabinett, for instance), 30-some beers, sake and Mexican Coca-Cola.

This review appears in the print edition of the April 2012 issue.
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This story appears in the print issue of April 2012.
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