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photo by Luke Atwood Abiol

With any luck, Elda will become a lasting fixture in the heart of the Mission. That’s partly because the renovated space, with its lofty ceilings, white tiles and sleek wood tones, feels like an ideal place for a cocktail date. Partners Eric Ochoa and Alvaro Rojas (backed by Twilio account exec Jay De Natale) are a sort of dream team of Bay Area bar talent, having spent time at spots like Bar Agricole, ABV and True Laurel. The central focus here is agave, with rum close behind. The spot-on cocktails, usually served in tulip glasses with lots of crushed ice, reference tiki without going all in. Try the Savage Detectives, a bitter and smoky blend of sotol, vermouth and falernum named after Roberto Bolaño’s thrilling novel.

3198 16th St., San Francisco, California

Cocktail Bar

(415) 829-8468

Longtime senior editor at Wine & Spirits magazine, Luke now works for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.

This story appears in the print issue of October 2019.
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