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Wine & Spirits Gift Guide: Late Edition

Here are a few late additions to our holiday gift guide!

For the naturally-inclined:
Wine writer Elaine Chukan Brown, who blogs under the nom de plume Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka, has been putting pen and pencil to paper lately, designing t-shirts and posters. This hand-drawn rendering of the eight central treatments of biodynamic farming—from the horn filled with cow dung (Prep 500) to tea made out of the primordial horsetail plant (Prep 508)—is a helpful and colorful reference to have on hand, especially if your library of biodynamic tomes is a bit thin.

For the spice master:
As executive editor Tara Q. Thomas discovered this past fall, Lior Lev Sercarz takes spice blending as seriously a chef de cave at a Champagne house. His First Step Kit is a terrific introduction to the power of scent and spice.

For after dinner:
Jeni Britton Bauer blended perfumes before she devoted herself to making ice cream. Her flavors are complex and bewitching, particularly the Triumph, a holiday-only combination of absinthe ice cream studded with meringue puffs and crushed bitter orange candy.


For the collector:
The Durand combines a corkscrew and an ah-so opener in one tool to take on old, crumbly corks.

For the foodie:
Broccoli subs at No. 7 Sub sustain our staff through many a deadline, so we’re predisposed to trust Tyler McCord’s broccoli recipes:



For the Burgundy hound:
La Paulée de New York is one of the hottest tickets in town, a grand evening of rubbing shoulders with Burgundy’s best winemakers and drinking exceptional wines. What’s less known are the satellite tastings that go on around the event, like a Saturday morning tasting focused on Les Petits des Grands—lesser-known domaines making terrific wines, led by sommeliers Eduardo Porto-Carreira of DBGB  and Jordan Salcito of Momofuku in NYC, plus Josiah Baldavino and Stevie Stacionis of Bay Grape, a wine store in Oakland, California, with Daniel Johnnes, the founder of the NYC Paulée.


For the chocolate addict:
Brooklyn-based Raaka—a company focused on organic, fair trade and unroasted chocolate bars—offers a monthly subscription service which includes limited edition flavors. Check out Assistant Editor Caitlin Griffith’s conversation with Raaka chocolate maker, Nate Hodge.


For the beer nut:
A beer nut.




For anyone who drinks anything:
Simple and delicate in line, these tumblers from Austrian glassmaker Zalto make everything you pour into them look sophisticated. And they feel great to boot.

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