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Thanksgiving: What We’re Drinking | Samantha Groseth

You know the saying, “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth.” But what about too many sommeliers?

The W&S staff plays sommelier at our respective Thanksgiving feasts, a role often complicated by family traditions—some loved, some eagerly forgotten. Or by the food—a subject on which everyone has an opinion. Or, in some years, by the family…. There are those Thanksgivings, in fact, in which we wish we could simply nab our favorite dish and bottle of wine and take them off to someplace quiet to enjoy them in peace. Here are some of our favorite bottles and dishes—and a few recipes to boot.

Samantha Groseth
Associate Publisher (LA)
Green Valley Pinot Noir and old-school Rioja whites

Before I tell you what I like to drink at Thanksgiving, I should share a few things about myself.

First, I grew up in Pasadena, CA, a tranquil suburb of Los Angeles. Thanksgiving often consists of eating outside or using a BBQ/smoker for some portion of the meal. People argue Thanksgiving isn’t really Thanksgiving if you’re not in cold weather…. I say you’re just jealous.

Second, the main ingredient in our traditional stuffing is oysters. And it’s my favorite dish of the night.

Third, outside of my parents, wine isn’t a big thing for my family. They’ll have a glass at the table but that’s mainly because they feel obliged when I offer it.

So choosing wine is fairly simple: bring one bottle for my family members to try, and another for my mom and me to fully enjoy. My mother is always angling for something light and red with decent complexity. Something like Iron Horse 2011 North Block Single Clone Pinot Noir. I’d prefer something white, with some grip, like R. Lopez de Heredia 1998 Rioja Reserva (a wine I bought plenty of last year).

I’m not yet sure which way we will go, but I do know that I’m bringing Lioco’s 2012 Sativa Carignan for the rest of my family: It’s sure to be a great conversation starter.

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