Thanksgiving: What We’re Drinking | Erik Tennyson - Wine & Spirits Magazine

Thanksgiving: What We’re Drinking | Erik Tennyson

You know the saying, “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth.” But what about too many sommeliers?

The W&S staff plays sommelier at our respective Thanksgiving feasts, a role often complicated by family traditions—some loved, some eagerly forgotten. Or by the food—a subject on which everyone has an opinion. Or, in some years, by the family…. There are those Thanksgivings, in fact, in which we wish we could simply nab our favorite dish and bottle of wine and take them off to someplace quiet to enjoy them in peace. Here are some of our favorite bottles and dishes—and a few recipes to boot.

Erik Tennyson
Assistant Editor (SF)

Most Thanksgivings these days I’m behind the bar as I like to give the people with kids the day off. I always have a “Turkey Dinner” after my shift with my friend Jeremiah: a shot of Wild Turkey chased with cranberry juice. There are only a few bars open late on Thanksgiving in San Francisco, so these are usually full of our industry friends. And who doesn’t want to have a turkey dinner with friends on Thanksgiving?

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