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Ten Earn Master of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine has announced ten new Masters of Wine, from five different countries.

Included in this initial 2021 MW class is the first MW based in Italy, Gabriele Gorelli MW of Montalcino. Susan Lin MW, Melissa Saunders MW, Kryss Speegle MW and Clare Tooley MW join from the US; James Doidge MW, Alvaro Ribalta Millán MW and Tze Sam MW from the UK; Sophie Parker-Thomson MW from New Zealand; and Moritz Nikolaus Lueke MW from Germany.

After this announcement, there are now 418 Masters of Wine based in 32 countries, including 56 MWs living in the US.

James Doidge, MW
Susan Lin, MW
Sophie Parker-Thomas, MW
Tze Sam, MW
Kryss Speegle, MW
Gabriele Gorelli, MW
Moritz Nikolaus Lueke, MW
Álvaro Ribalta Millán, MW
Melissa Saunders, MW
Clare Tooley, MW

Susannah is the Editorial Coordinator for Wine & Spirits magazine in addition to covering the wines of Greece and Cyprus.

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