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Sustainable Shipping: Liviri Vino

Liviri, a division of Otter Products (the makers of OtterBox phone cases), has launched Liviri Vino, a reusable wine bottle shipper. Available in 4- or 6-bottle sizes, the containers are made of plastic that is 95 percent recyclable at the end of its two-year life cycle.

More importantly, perhaps, the container includes reusable icepacks and insulation intended to maintain safe shipping temperatures for up to a week. The robust insulation system allows Liviri Vino to ship on the ground rather than through the air (which is standard for single-use containers), which significantly limits its carbon impact. The insulation also expands the acceptable shipping windows for wine, windows that are shrinking as extreme weather events become more common.

An environmental consulting agency, thinkstep, performed a Life Cycle Assessment to compare the carbon impact of Liviri Vino to single-use shipping containers. The study determined that the six-bottle shipper became more environmentally friendly than the single-use alternative, on average, after 25 uses.

Currently, Liviri is focused on engaging with high-volume commercial wine shippers rather than individuals. The Boisset Collection, a portfolio of more than a dozen properties in California, and Eagle Rock Fulfillment, which works with wineries that produce no more than 3,000 cases, have already signed on as partners. The six-bottle shipper is about the same height as a standard Styrofoam 12-pack, though heavier and bulkier. However, it’s reliable and reusable: Each box comes with a return label to affix to the outside of the empty box, and FedEx will ship it back at a flat rate.

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