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Luke Sykora takes on California

Luke Sykora, Wine & Spirits Senior Editor in our San Francisco office, will be taking over the role of critic for all California wines over the coming year.

I’m pleased to announce this change in our team of critics, as Luke and I have been tasting together for the past four years and I would confidently follow his wine recommendations. Last year, he took on the critical responsibilities for the wines from California’s Central Coast, while I have continued to rate and review the wines of the North Coast. During that time, he has discovered a number of new producers and brought their wines to the attention of our readers.

For now, I will continue to cover Napa Valley wines, and Luke and I will taste all wines recommended by our panels together, as usual. The scores for all California wines outside of Napa Valley will be entirely from Luke, as the scores for the Napa Valley wines will remain entirely from me.

Luke came to Wine & Spirits after teaching writing at the University of San Francisco and working in public television. Living in San Francisco, Luke has his ear to the ground as new wines enter the market, and takes the opportunity to visit growers throughout the state on a regular basis. His perceptive commentary as a taster has impressed me from the moment we first began tasting together. I believe Luke’s commentary will be a great resource for our readers as they make their own selections of California wines.

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Joshua Greene is the editor and publisher of Wine & Spirits magazine.

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