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Eight Earn Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine has announced eight new Masters of Wine, from five different countries.

Included in this 2019 MW class are Heidi Mäkinen MW, Finland, Thomas Curtius MW, Germany and Gus Jian Zhu MW from the US. Julien Boulard MW and Edward Ragg MW join the court from China, while Dominic Farnsworth MW, Lydia Harrison MW and Christine Marsiglio MW join from the UK.

The announcement brings the 2019 class of MWs to 14, with Edouard Baijot MW, France; Nicholas Jackson MW, US; Brendan Jansen MW, Australia; Jonas Röjerman MW, Sweden; Harriet Tindal MW, Ireland, and Jonas Tofterup MW, Spain, who joined the court in February of 2019. In total, there are now 390 Masters of Wine based in 30 countries, including 53 MWs living in the US.

Julien Boulard, MW Julien Boulard, MW
Thomas Curtius, MW Thomas Curtius, MW
Dominic Farnsworth, MW Dominic Farnsworth, MW
Lydia Harrison, MW Lydia Harrison, MW
Heidi Mäkinen, MW Heidi Mäkinen, MW
Christine Marsiglio, MW Christine Marsiglio, MW
Edward Ragg, MW Edward Ragg, MW
Gus Jian Zhu, MW Gus Jian Zhu, MW

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