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Top 100 Symposium: Deovlet

We look forward to welcoming Ryan Deovlet at the Top 100 Symposium in New York City. He’ll be pouring the Deovlet wines on January 14, 2020 at Union Park Events. Here is Sydney Love’s profile of the winery printed in our 2020 Buying Guide:

Now with a decade of work with Sta. Rita Hills’ most renowned chardonnay and pinot noir sites, Ryan Deovlet has chiseled into the elevated character of his wines.

Ryan Deovlet was fresh out of college with a sociology degree when he traveled to Australia and discovered winemaking. When he returned to the States at the end of 2004, he gravitated toward Santa Barbara County, where the first-generation winemaking community felt vibrant, exploratory and welcoming. In 2008, he started Deovlet Wines with 100 cases of pinot noir from La Encantada Vineyard; in the years following, he added La Encantada’s pinot blanc, and chardonnay and pinot noir from Sanford & Benedict and Zotovich. Those vineyards—in what he calls the tenderloins of Sta. Rita Hills—remain the heart of his winery. To understand their nuances, Deovlet works barrel by barrel, adjusting oak and extraction based on what the wines tell him. The results are finessed wines with restraint in their structure and acidity.

2017 Sta. Rita Hills Sanford & Benedict Vineyard Pinot Noir (94 points)
Planted in 1971, Sanford & Benedict Vineyard boasts the oldest pinot noir planted in Santa Barbara County. Deovlet sources this wine from a block of own-rooted vines that are part of the original planting, turning out a wine that resonates with dark red fruit, rose petals and tar.

Taste this and more of the top-scoring wines of 2019 at the Top 100 Symposium in NYC.

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