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The Goods

photo by Nick Mrozowski

Top Left: Coravin Sparkling System; Center: The Armatos' pantry goods imported by Neal Rosenthal; Right: Genuine Fred's Coq au Vin wine stopper; Bottom left: Riedel's Nick & Nora glass


Dashiell Hammett and his dashing detectives would appreciate Riedel’s Nick & Nora glasses, ready to add class to any cocktail. Stir a 3:1 martini and cue up The Thin Man. —Susannah Smith
$33/2-pack at

Stock the Pantry
Importer Neal Rosenthal has expanded beyond his wine port­folio with a collection of foods, including many from the Armatos, a farming family in the Ligurian hills and makers of extraordinarily flavorful semi-sundried cherry tomatoes, as well as the olives, olive oil and dried spices available as a set. —S.S.
$100 at

Keep Your Sparkle
Coravin’s new system for sparkling wine has no needle through the cork; instead, it uses heavy-duty stoppers and a sleek, futuristic re-pressurization unit. It’s got an easy learning curve, and claims to keep bubbly bubbly for up to two weeks. —Corey Warren
Starter kit (includes pressurization unit, two stoppers and four charging canisters) $399 at

From the Rubber Chicken Ranch
Somewhere on the Far Side, Gary Larson is smiling at this Coq au Vin. Give a matching set with the Stop Kitty, the new bottle stoppers from Genuine Fred. —S.S.
$12 at

This story appears in the print issue of Winter 2021.
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