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Portugal Honors Joshua Greene

We’ve all seen the initials MS or MW trailing behind the names of wine professionals, but Commander?

On Tuesday, March 17th journalists, importers, and diplomats gathered at the official residence of the Portuguese Embassy where Ambassador João de Vallera awarded an Order of Merit to W&S’ own Joshua Greene.

Greene received the Agricultural Knightship in recognition for his advocacy of Portuguese wines. Vallera assured his guests that giving a green medal to a man named Greene while drinking Vinho Verde on St. Patty’s day was not intended to be a joke.

After the ceremony, the now Commander Greene led a tasting of Portuguese wines that held personal significance in his life. The evening started with four wines: Quinta da Aveleda 2007 Vinho Verde, João Portugal Ramos 2005 Alentejo Marques de Borba Reserva, Chocapalha 2004 Reserva Estremadura and Ramos Pinto 2004 Douro Duas Quintas Reserva Especial.

Following the tasting, the guests were seated around a stately mahogany banquet table in a dining room lined with marble and painted tiles. The dinner started with grilled shrimp over risotto paired with Niepoort’s 2006 Douro Redoma Reserva. Roast pheasant with morels came next, paired with Alvaro de Castro’s 2006 Dão Quinta da Pellada and Luis Pato’s 2001 Beiras Vinha Pan. ViniPortugal President, Vasco d’Avillez led the dinner conversation with lessons in etymology of Portuguese wine terms and history.

A night with the Portuguese Ambassador would not be complete without Port. For dessert J.M. da Fonseca 20 Year Old Moscatel de Setúbal Roxo, Quinta do Vesuvio 2003 Porto and Taylor Fladgate 2003 Porto were served along with an assortment of mousse and Portuguese cheese. After the plates were cleared, the newly anointed knight gave thanks, said his good byes and walked to his trusty steed, a ‘94 Saab 9000.

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