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Italian Wine & Food Institute Announces 2017 Wine Leader Awards

On March 2, the Italian Wine & Food Institute recognized Wine & Spirits editor and publisher Joshua Greene with its Wine Leader Award. The award, presented at the 32nd annual Gala Italia, recognizes people whose work has had a lasting effect on the reputation of Italian wines. Wine & Spirits Magazine, which Greene has run since 1986, covers Italian wine in every issue, in tasting reports and feature stories; Greene himself reported on Italy for 20 years, only recently passing the baton to Stephanie Johnson, a specialist in Italian wine, who now reviews the 2,700-some Italian wines that pass through the magazine’s offices yearly.

Dr. Lucio Caputo, president of the Italian Wine & Food Institute, said of the award, “I have followed Joshua’s activities for many years and I have always admired his professionalism, dedication and leadership. With his passion, his drive and his knowledge of wine, he stands out as one of the best wine editors and has greatly furthered the knowledge of American consumers on wines in general, and particularly Italian wine.” Greene is one of four Wine Leader Award recipients in 2017; the other honorees this year are Piero Selvaggio of Valentino in Los Angeles; Marc D. Taub, president and CEO of the wine-importing company Palm Bay International; and Kevin Zraly, author and founder of the Windows on the World Wine School.

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