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Winter 2017


Winter 2017

Top 100 Wineries of the Year

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Editor’s Note
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W&S Top 100 Wineries

Directory of the Top 100 Wineries

What We Believe

The W&S Premier Cru
Our classification based on exceptional performances in 31 years of W&S blind tastings.

The W&S Top 100
Introducing the wineries that performed at the top of our blind tastings, each releasing a range of exceptional wines over the last 12 months.

Wines of the Year

100 Best Wines of the Year
From hallowed names to little-known bottles, here are the 100 wines that rocked our tasting panels over the last year.

100 Best Buys of the Year
For quality and compelling regional expression at remarkably affordable prices, it’s hard to beat these bottles.

The Best for $10 or Less

Your go-to list for everyday drinking.