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Winter 2012

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26th Annual Hall of Fame

26th Annual Hall of Fame

Here are the superstar performers, the wineries whose collections of wines have earned the most Winery of the Year awards in the past 26 years.

7 Wineries to Watch in 2013

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American Wineries of the Year

American Wineries of the Year

Here are 42 American wineries that share a commitment to great wine. Each stands out among its peers for its range of exceptional wines–wines that spoke to our tasting panels and our critics in some compelling way.

International Wineries of the Year

International Wineries of the Year

Commit these wineries to memory and you’ll never be at a loss in front of a wine list again. After poring over the results of the 7,500 imported wines we tasted over the last 12 months, these 58 producers stood out for their superlative performances in their particular regions.