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February 2013


February 2013

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Kickstart your wine project, by Luke Sykora;
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Petite Conversion

<a href=Petite Conversion“>

Patrick J. Comiskey uncovers a new age of petite sirah, with winemakers treating Napa Valley’s heritage grape like pinot noir.

Sydney’s Sommelier Hangouts

Sydney’s Sommelier Hangouts

Michael Engelmann, MS, shares his favorite wine bars in the party capital of Australia.

Pinot Noir at the 46th Parallel

<a href=Pinot Noir at the 46th Parallel“>

Chilean growers and vintners are exploring the long route south toward Antarctica, producing wines from some of the world’s chilliest vineyards. Patricio Tapia reports.

W&S Centerfold – Kimchi & Red Wine

<a href=W&S Centerfold – Kimchi & Red Wine“>

Tara Q. Thomas leads a panel tasting of Korea’s spicy fermented Napa cabbage with western fermentations of gamay, malbec, pinot noir and more.