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Fall 2017


Fall 2017

Breaking the Code: Pathways to New Favorites in Wine, Cheese and Cocktails

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Pathways In


taste pathways
Your way in to the wine you want.

breaking the code
David Lynch deconstructs four wine lists, revealing some of the secrets of the trade.

sommeliers v. robots

access granted
Deanna Gonnella goes straight to the source—sommeliers—to fi nd out how to spot the best deals on a wine list.

is there an app for that?
Robots aren’t going to take the place of sommeliers any time soon, Tyler Colman finds, after test-driving the latest wine apps.

roots & branches

Explore and expand your own taste in cocktails, wine and cheese.

the whiskey cocktail tree
Think bartenders are walking encyclopedias of drinks? Eben Klemm says they are more like architects, and shares the plans for great whiskey cocktails.

vine explorer
Start at the root of a variety and let your taste be your guide.

sauvignon blanc
pinot noir
cabernet sauvignon

the tree of cheese
Francis and Bronwen Percival trace a path through the world of cheese in sharp and creamy bites.

Unexpected wine and food matches that work.