December 2020 - Wine & Spirits Magazine

December 2020

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Editor’s Note
The Heat of the Moment


Fined & Filtered
Regenerative Organics Comes to Wine, by Patrick J. Comiskey

Spirits: Holiday Essentials
by Chantal Martineau

The Goods:
Gifts to Get You Through 2021


Year’s Best

US Cabernets & Blends

Focus On

Barolo & Barbaresco
Rioja Reds
2018 Vintage Port & LBV

Best Buys at $12 or Less

Editorial Features

Champagne in a Changing Climate

Charles Curtis, MW, considers the last decade in a once-marginal climate for growing quality grapes. Is every vintage now a Vintage year?

Rioja for the Holidays

A remembrance of Christmases past, with cardo and Rioja in northern Spain, by Nacho Monclús.

Comunist Evolution

Stephanie Johnson reports on the new
Barolos with commune-specific labels

Napa Valley’s Elegant 2017 Cabernets

Rain, heat and fire conspired to create some of the most refined cabernets in Napa Valley in many years. Jared Hooper talks with several of the most successful growers.

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