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December 2014

A Sommelier Scavenger Hunt

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Luke Sykora
on the highs and lows of Napa Valley’s 2011 vintage.


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The Trockenwelle

The Trockenwelle

The German Wine Law of 1971 focused growers on must weight at harvest, but a rising wave of dry riesling has brought the focus back to the vineyards. John Haeger reports.

Eat | Drink New Orleans

Eat | Drink New Orleans

Sara Roahen tracks down essential stops for your next visit to New Orleans, where the city’s restaurant scene is back in full bloom post-Katrina.

Champagne to Finish

<a href=Champagne to Finish“>

At Pix in Portland, Cheryl Wakerhauser stocks some 400 Champagnes to match her patisserie. Elaine Chukan Brown profiles the chef and her passion for Bubbly at the end of the meal.

First Annual Sommelier Scavenger Hunt

First Annual Sommelier Scavenger Hunt

Finger Lakes Riesling. Santa Barbara County Chardonnay. Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. Washington State Cabernet Blends. Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine & Spirits sent five teams of sommeliers on a hunt for New World terroir.