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April 2021


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Restorative Networks

Fined & Filtered
Opening into a pandemic: We talk with several wine directors whose restaurants made it work.

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Personal Taste
Tahiirah Habibi reflects on her relationship with wine.


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US Pinot Noirs

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Burgundy & Beaujolais

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Editorial Features

W&S 32nd Annual Restaurant Poll

A very different kind of coverage in our Annual Restaurant Poll, in a very different kind of year. A W&S exclusive report with perspectives from sommeliers on how they connected—or lost connections—with guests through a challenging, often devastating, sometimes enlightening year in restaurants.

Curing Cork Taint

Could TCA be a thing of the past? Jamie Goode explains the science behind two new initiatives that aim to eliminate taint in natural corks.

Rye on the Rise

Rye whiskey is enjoying a renaissance—with heirloom varieties of rye grass inspiring a new crop of grower-distillers. Chantal Martineau reports.

The Once and Future Wagram

David Schildknecht explores this watershed moment for Austria’s Wagram, a region blessed with loess soil and talented growers working this distinctive terroir.

Root Down

Illustration by Essy May

The Wood Wide Web became a forestry
meme when trees were shown to communicate through networks of soil fungi interacting with their roots. Now, winegrowers are asking how their vines and other resident plants might be encouraged to continue their dirty conversations.

This story appears in the print issue of April 2021.
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