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April 2017

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Light on Limestone


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Wine Pairings Take Off by Luke Sykora


Spirits: Distilling Terroir by Jordan Mackay

WineTech: Bordeaux in the Blockchain Ed Zimmerman reports on a new way to track the provenance of rare bottles.


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The Curtain Rises on Weinviertel

The Curtain Rises on Weinviertel

David Schildknecht reports on a new generation reimagining the wines of Austria’s northeast, where the borders with Slovakia and the Czech Republic were long blocked off from trade.

Marble Terroir

Marble Terroir

The Alentejo may be a hot, arid region, but a triangle of marble around the hilltown of Estremoz provides a cool zone for vine roots. Joshua Greene investigates one of Portugal’s most unusual terroirs.

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