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April 2012


April 2012

Top 50 Wines in America’s Restaurants

Editor’s Note
noble blues

Editor’s Note


Fined & Filtered: Patrick Comiskey on pairing wine with molecular gastronomy

Spirits: Lou Bustamante on cocktail bitters

Lost Commandments Howard G. Goldberg rewrites Exodus


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Wine Superheros

Wine Superheros

Mariko Kobayashi and Tara Q. Thomas interview the team behind the hit manga from Japan.

Port without Serra

Port without Serra

Are there any Portuguese cheese matches as great as Tawny and Serra? David Leite comes deliciously close.

The Class of ’72

The Class of '72

Forty years ago, many of the most popular brands in America’s restaurants—top of The Restaurant Top 50—were just getting their start. Luke Sykora interviews the folks who launched these wineries about how they built a following.

23rd Annual Restaurant Poll

23rd Annual Restaurant Poll

A W&S exclusive: The most popular wines in America’s most popular restaurants, with commentary from sommeliers and restauranteurs about what diners are drinking in 2012.