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Rising Black Voices in Wine

Full Contributor List

illustrations by Matt Williams

We conducted 53 interviews for our coverage of Rising Black Voices in Wine. This is a full list of industry professionals who contributed their experience and insight, often connecting us to other Black professionals in wine who added to our research.

Research on our Rising Black Voices in Wine was directed by Sydney Love and Susannah Smith, who contributed reporting along with Patrick J. Comiskey, Joshua Greene, Stephanie Johnson, Tara Q. Thomas and Corey Warren.

Philippe André | US Ambassador, Charles Heidsieck; Chicago, IL

Rick Arline | Sommelier; Los Angeles, CA

Thatcher Baker Briggs | Wine Consultant; San Francisco, CA

Jerri Banks | Beverage & Events Manager, Jansen; Philadelphia, PA

Beth Baye | Buyer, 67 Wine; NYC

David Blackburn | Sales Associate, Verve; NYC

Alisha Blackwell-Calvert, CSW | Sommelier/Wine Educator; St. Louis, MO

Deniece Bourne | Business Development Manager (Americas East & the Caribbean), WSET; NYC

Sukari Bowman | Co-Founder, The Color of Wine; Atlanta, GA

Lee Campbell | Brand Ambassador, Early Mountain Vineyards and Light Survey Wines; NYC

Julia Coney | Writer and Founder, Black Wine Professionals; Washington, DC and Houston, TX

Kenneth Crum | GM/Beverage Director, Red Hook Tavern; Brooklyn, NY

Roderick Daniels | Wine Director, Perle; Pasadena, CA

William Davis | Director of Education, Wilson-Daniels; Denver, CO

LaShea Delaney | Sales Rep, Sacred Thirst Selections and Roni Selects; Los Angeles, CA

Larissa Dubose | Wine Educator, The Lotus & The Vines; Atlanta, GA

Brian Duncan | Partner, Bin 36 Wine Bar; Chicago, IL

Etinosa Emokpae | Wine Director, Friday Saturday Sunday; Philadelphia, PA

Dottie Gaiter | Writer, Grape Collective; NYC

J’nai Gaither | Writer; Bay Area, CA

KaMar Gomez | Sales Associate, Blanc & Rouge; Brooklyn, NY

Zwann Grays | Wine Director, Olmsted; Brooklyn, NY

Tahiirah Habibi | Founder, The Hue Society; Atlanta, GA

Christopher Harris | Assistant General Manager, Manresa; Los Gatos, CA

LJ Hollins | Wine Director, kilo; NYC

Shakera Jones | Blogger, Black Girls Dine Too; NYC

Devon Joshua | Director of DTC Sales, Merryvale; Napa, CA

Marquita Levy | Sommelier, Red Hook Winery and Sales Rep, Volcanic Selections; NYC

André Mack | Owner, Maison Noir (McMinnville, OR) and & Sons; Brooklyn, NY

Wanda Mann | Founder/Editor in Chief, Wine with Wanda; NYC

Jahde Marley | Sales Rep, Indie Wineries and Co-Founder, The Ideal Bartender Collective and Sugar & Spiced; NYC

Michael McClendon | Partner/Oenologist & Winemaker, Sages Vintage, Nacogdoches, TX

Carlton McCoy | President & CEO, Heitz Vineyard; St. Helena, CA

Cha McCoy | Beverage Director, Cherry Bombe and Founder, Cha Squared Consulting; NYC

Kelly Mitchell | Sales Rep, Skurnik; NYC

Femi Oyediran | Co-Owner, Graft Wine Shop; Charleston, SC

Maia Parish | Owner, The Wine Suite; Denver, CO

Sarah Pierre | Owner, Three Parks Wine Shop; Atlanta, GA

Tonya Pitts | Wine Director, One Market; San Francisco, CA

Tuanni Price | Founder, Zuri Wine Tasting; Los Angeles, CA

DLynn Proctor | Director, Fantesca; Napa, CA

Christopher Renfro | Owner, The Two-Eighty Project; San Francisco, CA

Bianca Sanon | GM/Sommelier, Boia De; Miami, FL

Alisha Sommer | Writer, East Bay, CA

Kilolo Strobert | Assistant Manager, FreshDirect Wine & Spirits; Brooklyn, NY

Justin Trabue | Assistant Winemaker, Lumen Wines; San Luis Obispo, CA

Mason Washington | F&B Supervisor, Galloway Ridge; Pittsboro, NC

Derrick C. Westbrook | Owner, 1340 Beer Wine Spirits; Chicago, IL

Eric White | GM/Buyer, The Winery; NYC

Jamil Williams | Operations Manager, Amy Atwood Selections; Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay Williams | Owner, South LA Wine Club; Los Angeles, CA

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