Restaurant Review: Flagstaff, Arizona

Shift Kitchen & Bar

Dara and Joe Rodgers

After stints at Frasca in Colorado and Ubuntu in California, husband-and-wife team Dara and Joe Rodgers set out to redefine mountain-town cuisine at Shift. In a spare, airy space in a historic building in downtown Flagstaff, they find creative ways to present regional ingredients, from the sorrel that’s made into a savory, palate-awakening sorbet, to the spent grains from Flagstaff’s Dark Sky Brewing transformed into crackers for the house-made rillettes. The kitchen’s penchant for experimentation flows into the bar as well. Working with seasonal produce, as well as a host of bar-made bitters and infusions, the bartenders create drinks worth a visit all on their own. Try the Hazel du Monde, a Bourbon-based cocktail that includes hazelnut, lemon and squash.