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Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails

Author: by David Kaplan, Alex Day and Nick Fauchald

Publisher: Ten Speed Press, 2014

Price: $40

Seven blocks south of Booker and Dax, in Manhattan’s East Village, stands a solid wooden door and an imposing host who maintains the no-standing policy at Death & Co. David Kaplan, the owner, and Alex Day, long time bartender and now partner, worked with writer Nick Fauchald to compile Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, an anthology of top hits from the dimly lit, civilized space. The book presents its information in a straightforward manner, with a comprehensive guide to glassware, barware, spirits and tricks of the trade before delving into a collection of recipes (450+) organized first by spirit and then by style of drink. Sprinkled throughout are anecdotes from regulars, lessons on sophisticated imbibing and photos that give such a clear feel for the place and the people that it feels like you’ve scored a key to the inner circle.

Caitlin Griffith knew her future career would entail food and drink when, at the age of six, she munched an anchovy from her father’s Caesar salad thinking it as a small strip of bacon—and was more than pleasantly surprised. While enrolled in New York University’s Food Studies program, she learned the secrets of affinage in the caves of Murray’s Cheese.

This story appears in the print issue of October 2014.
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