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Game Changers | Margaret River Cabernet (News & Features)

Virginia Willcock, who makes the wines at Vasse Felix in Western Australia, has a long history with Margaret River cabernet sauvignon. She still farms a parcel of vines Tom Cullity planted 50 years ago. Her perspective on the shi ing style of the wines helped me understand why I had,...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Chilean Carmenère (News & Features)

It took many years for Chileans to embrace carmenère. Many growers believed it was a late-ripening clone of merlot, one of a range of vines that had come from Bordeaux in the 19th century. It wasn’t until 1993 that Chileans discovered its true identity, and, even then, many...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Willamette Chardonnay (News & Features)

Pinot noir gets all the attention in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, yet, as vineyard developments have spread south and west, pockets of chardonnay land have emerged, growing wines that may someday challenge the pinot noir status quo. Elaine Chukan Brown reported on the trend in our October 2017 issue, tracing...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Canary Island Reds (News & Features)

The growers on an archipelago west of Africa’s Moroccan coast are just beginning to understand their quirky inheritance: A seemingly random mix of vines brought to the islands centuries ago. Wayfarers from Europe, mostly but not only from Spain and Portugal, left those plants on their way to...Read Full Story

Subtle, Sumptuous Gewurztraminer (News & Features)

Gewurztraminer can be aggressive, Joshua Greene finds, given its wild, floral scents, but grown with care in the right place, some recent releases have won him over at dinner.Other than sometimes enjoying its quirky charms with Cantonese dishes, or with choucroute in Alsace, I tend to steer clear...Read Full Story

Silken Cabernet (News & Features)

Sharing a mountain range with Napa Valley, the Alexander Valley’s hills produce a completely different style of cabernet, one that has little to do with the plantings on the Russian River floodplain. Joshua Greene reports on changes in farming and winemaking that are leading growers to turn out...Read Full Story

Tenerife Reds (News & Features)

Trade winds brought European adventurers to the Canaries, leaving locals with a wealth of diverse vines. Few, however, made elegant wines—until now.Wherever you may be on Tenerife, you’re never far from the sea. Even if you climb to the top of El Teide, at 12,000 feet, the...Read Full Story

David Hirsch | The Seminal Pinot Noir Grower of the Far Sonoma Coast (News & Features)

Recently Hirsch came to New York with his wife, Marie, and daughter, Jasmine, to present a retrospective tasting of wines from their family property.{image_1}The desolate beauty of Sonoma’s Pacific Coast attracted the Kashia band of the Pomo tribe to its lands between two rivers, the Gualala...Read Full Story

Black & White (News & Features)

Joshua Greene reports on how Burgundians working in Oregon are coming to terms with the Willamette Valley: It’s vastly different ground than their home turf.“In France, basalt is the Massif Central,” says Mark Tarlov, joking about what might seem to be a quixotic goal: to...Read Full Story

Rod Smith Remembrance (News & Features)

Rod Smith, longtime writer-at-large for Wine & Spirits Magazine, died on May 3, 2018. He was 65 years old.{image_1}Smith was one of seminal writers on North Coast wine as it transformed from a small cottage industry into the contemporary powerhouse it represents today. He contributed stories to the Read Full Story

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