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Avocado and Krug, Who Knew? (News & Features)

{image_1}What was astonishing about this $1,800 dinner was that there was no meat. The menu did include seafood—a diver scallop course (turnip, kohlrabi, sprouting cauliflower, Meyer lemon-horseradish, chowder), and a Spanish octopus dish (shelling beans, bacon, fines herbs, puffed wild rice, preserved lemon) which several guests considered the...Read Full Story

Thiénot x Penfolds (News & Features)

{image_1}Gago brought a photo of that 1912 Minchinbury Champagne to Paris this May, to rib his new partners as they release the first wines from Champagne Thiénot x Penfolds, a collection of cuvées grown, vinified and blended in the French region that now guards the trademark on...Read Full Story

Vinexpo Bordeaux on the Horizon (News & Features)

{image_1} The biannual trade fair jumped one month earlier than the 2017 dates, providing a more temperate climate for the international trade that descends on Bordeaux for the week—whether to taste in the halls along Bordeaux Lac or visit the surrounding vineyards and châteaux, opportunities that have always...Read Full Story

Andrew Caillard on Ultrafine Aussies (News & Features)

{image_1}Those parameters are still in place in the seventh edition, released this past fall­—effectively, Langton’s 30th anniversary. Caillard is now the Fine Wine Principal of Endeavor Drinks Group, the beverage arm of Australia’s Woolworths Ltd., which purchased Langton’s in 2009. Recently, I spoke with Caillard...Read Full Story

BYO Communion Wine (News & Features)

{image_1}I met a young woman who works for the Church. She had recently been ordained an Episcopal priest, having worked her way up through the diocesan ranks. Part of her training came as a visiting preacher, taking her sermons to churches in a wide radius of her home....Read Full Story

Wine and Liberty (Book Review)

The second amendment to the French constitution provided for direct elections of the president by universal suffrage. Had it paralleled the second amendment in the US, it might have protected the right of the people to drink wine. But by 1962, when France’s second amendment was enacted, the government...Read Full Story

Bordeaux Post-Modern (News & Features)

Of his 52 acres on a flood plain several feet below a levee, on the south bank of the Dordogne River, 22 are in production, including a small parcel of vines he believes to be from the 19th century. He says the flood irrigation, during winter, would have liquidated the phylloxera...Read Full Story

Tainted Love (Book Review)

If you’ve ever spent time in a natural-wine bar, you may have wondered whether flaws in wine are an aesthetic judgment. Let’s say you like cabernet that tastes like cabernet, or Rioja that tastes like Rioja. Then you may have to taste through several oxidized, volatile or...Read Full Story

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