W&S WineRoot

Pathways To Your Next Great Wine

What it Is

WineRoot is Wine & Spirits' new program designed to help you develop and share your own preferences in wine. We will give you tools to describe what you find delicious and what you don't, giving you access to the wines you would like among all the unknown names on a wine list or in your local wine shop.

How it Works

WineRoot is not a lecture: it's an opportunity to participate in a tasting panel guided by a Wine & Spirits editor. Our workshops start conversations around wine; participants are seated at round tables and, in a guided discussion, compare and contrast eight wines—four pairs of varieties and styles—side by side.

Why it Works

The popularity of wine-rating apps attests to how easy it is to scan a label, give it a five-star rating and go back to it for reference. WineRoot builds one more layer of knowledge into this process: Answering the question, "What do I like or not like about this wine?"

Details and Pricing

WineRoot workshops start with a minimum of 30 participants. We find the optimal group size for discussion and learning is around 50 participants, though the program can work effectively with 70. The cost for our workshops varies depending on the venue, glassware and logistics. Workshop themes can be customized for your group; pricing for custom workshops may vary depending on the wines involved. Please fill out the form below for more information and we will contact you promptly.


W&S' WineRoot program is mobile: on-campus, or off-site at a venue appropriate to the number of participants and the logistics of the event.

Join the W&S Community

Program participants become part of the W&S community with a complimentary one-year subscription to Wine & Spirits magazine along with access to our online database of wine recommendations and web exclusive contact via the W&S website.