Winery to Watch 2015

Russian River Valley, California: Vaughn Duffy

In 2007, Matt Duffy and his wife Sarah Vaughn, both budding wine geeks, moved from San Francisco to Sonoma County so Matt could take a stab at a career in winemaking. He interned at Siduri, then landed a job at Vinify, a custom-crush facility in Santa Rosa. In 2009, they bought enough of their own grapes to make 50 cases of pinot noir and 100 cases of rosé. They now bottle around 2,000 cases each vintage—all from vineyards within an easy 30-minute drive of their house—including one of California’s freshest rosés and a clean, floral Russian River Valley pinot noir. The newest addition is a savory, taut Russian River Valley sauvignon blanc from 40-year-old vines.