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    Scores and notations:

    The wines recommended here have been selected by a broad range of educated palates, then rated and described by one person. Our critics each cover a range of territories. Our goal with these ratings is to provide a single, consistent point of view against which you may measure your own taste over time.

    • 100 | Transcendent
      A wine that speaks directly from the earth, communicating the flavors of its place with unequaled complexity and intensity; it will offer pleasure for decades.
    • 96 to 99 | Astonishing, Rare
      A wine that saturates the senses with flavors that feel unique and thrilling; a rare landmark for its region.
    • 93 to 95 | Exciting, Distinctive
      A wine that transcends simple typicity to its region or variety—a vivid, singular expression of place.
    • 90 to 92 | Delicious, Compelling
      A compelling wine of its region; a delicious, finessed expression of a place.
    • 88 to 89 | Delicious, Representative
      Well-made, pleasurable and true to its region or variety.
    • 85 to 87 | Balanced, Crowd Pleasing
      Identifiable in style and regional character, and qualitatively solid.
    • 80 to 84 | Useful
      Simple wine that will either quench thirst or play a useful role at the table.
    • GV | Good Value
      A wine recommended for the Good Value it offers
    • EV | Exceptional Value
      A wine recommended for its Exceptional Value
    • NR | Not Recommended by our W&S screening panel