Spirits Review

Dashfire Sichuan Bitters

Lee Egbert lived for a year and a half in China and, like an explorer of old, traveled extensively throughout Asia and the subcontinent with an eye toward the spice trade. He’s brought this experience together in Dashfire, his bitters company, which serves as a corrective for the sad state so many commercial bitters have fallen into—relying on essential oils, glycerin and dyes for flavor, texture and color. Dashfire bitters are all-natural, and it comes through in the purity and honesty of their flavors. Witness the new Sichuan bitters. With an herbal bitterness, spicy tang and just a brief flicker of numbing, these bitters plunge deeply into gin and tequila drinks, bringing forth a subtle spice. New this year too: Creole bitters that function like Peychaud’s but without red dye No. 40.

Reviewed in W&S Winter 2017.