Spirits Review

Suerte Tequila

Most Tequila distilleries press cooked agave piñas through roller shredders, an efficient way to separate the juice from the bagasse, the tough, fibrous flesh. For Suerte Tequila, master distiller Pedro Hernandez Barba prefers to use a tahona, a massive stone wheel. The process is reputed to increase flavors, and the Suerte Tequilas would back that up. The Blanco is vegetal and zesty, with hints of anise and fl oral notes; the Reposado, more tropical, has a cinnamon-coconut sweetness. The Añejo takes on even more vanilla, lime and baking-spice notes after two years in oak. Try the vibrant Blanco in a cocktail or alone; drink the Reposado and Añejo straight up.

Spirits Info

Spirits Type: Tequila
ABV: Suerte Blanco; Reposado; Añejo; all 40%
Imported by Colorado Spirits Importers, Boulder, CO
Price: $$29/750ml (Blanco); $34/750ml (Reposado); $56/750ml (Añejo)

This review appears in the print edtion of the June 2014 issue.
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