Spirits Review

Rochelt Schnapps

If you have never tried Rochelt, you don’t know schnapps. Like any great eau-de-vie, these Tyrolean treasures rely on fruit meticulously selected and harvested, carefully fermented and distilled to create a perfect snapshot of a fruit at ideal ripeness. But these spirits are aged an average of a decade in small glass demijohns to coalesce, mellow and concentrate. Most eau-de-vies are like perfume—you can only consume them in dabs. Rochelt’s schnapps, which come in a signature green-glass crystal bottle, are perfumes you can quaff. Balanced, flavorful and smooth even at a whopping 100 proof, the risk is drinking them too fast, which would be a mistake: Only eight bottles of each flavor— apple, morello cherry, muscat, black elderberry and apricot—entered the US this year.

Spirits Info

Spirits Type: Brandy
ABV: 50%
Imported by PM Spirits, Brooklyn, NY
Price: $250 to $500/375ml

2017 Year's Best

This review appears in the print edtion of the Winter 2017 issue.
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