Spirits Review

Plantation Rum O.F.T.D.

Some of the world’s best rums are being made by a man who cut his teeth on Cognac, Alexandre Gabriel, owner of Maison Ferrand. Not long after reviving that brandy house, Gabriel turned his attention to rum, creating Plantation and endowing it with a Cognac distiller’s sense of balance, elegance and variety. OFTD (Old-Fashioned Traditional Dark), created with input from rum specialists including cocktail historian David Wondrich and tiki expert Martin Cate, is a blockbuster. Earlier Plantation dark rums had relied exclusively on Trinidadian stocks, but OFTD instead blends Jamaican rum’s oily funk with Guyana’s focused intensity and Barbados’s lithe grace—all in a powerhouse package at 138 proof. This is a mixing rum that will stand
up to even the stoutest of punches.

Spirits Info

Spirits Type: Rum
ABV: 69%
Imported by Cognac Ferrand USA, NY
Price: $32/L

2016 Year's Best

This review appears in the print edtion of the Winter 2016 issue.
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