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Chips All In: Announcing the Winners of Wine & Spirits Third Annual Sommelier Scavenger Hunt
posted on January 17, 2017
Joshua Greene

Team West Sonoma: David Sawyer, Cappie Peete and Jack Mason, MS Team West Sonoma: David Sawyer, Cappie Peete and Jack Mason, MS It wasn’t just the plant mister Cappie Peete used to recreate the fog incursions of the Petaluma Gap, or the bags of Ruffles Jack Mason distributed to the 38 jurors assembled to vote (was it a bribe, or was it all about the ridges?). It was the six wines of the West Sonoma Coast that earned David Sawyer’s team first place in our 2017 Sommelier Scavenger Hunt.

Four teams competed, each traveling to a different region of North America in search of six great pinot noirs. The teams presented their selections to a jury of their peers, high-level buyers from retail stores and restaurants in New York City.

David Sawyer’s team traveled to the far West Sonoma Coast, returning with six wines that showed “the impact of the ridges” along the coast, bearing “a lot of energy” in their “full spectrum” of “individual character” according to a number of judges who ranked them as number one.

A more in-depth rundown of the Taste-Off, complete with a video, will launch in early February. And check out the April 2017 issue for a complete report on the four collections of great pinot noir from the West Sonoma Coast, Ontario, Willamette Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains.

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