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New Masters

The Institute of Masters of Wine announced seven newly minted Masters of Wine today, bringing the total worldwide to 396. Two hail from the US: Vanessa Conlin, a former professional opera singer who now works for Wine Access in Napa; and Curtis Mann, the director of wine and spirits for Raley’s, a West Coast supermarket chain. Ross Wise, a New Zealander based in Canada, is the winemaker for Black Hills Estate as well as the Andrew Peller wineries in the Okanagan Valley. The other inductees are Elizabeth Kelly and Beth Pearce (both based in the UK), Pasi Ketolainen (Finland) and Lin Liu (France).

Vanessa Conlin Vanessa Conlin
Curtis Mann Curtis Mann
Ross Wise Ross Wise
Elizabeth Kelly Elizabeth Kelly
Beth Pearce Beth Pearce
Pasi Ketolainen Pasi Ketolainen
Lin Liu Lin Liu

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