Publisher and Editor
Joshua Greene

Executive Editor
Tara Q. Thomas

Senior Editor
Luke Sykora

Assistant Editor
Deanna Gonnella

Associate Editor
Geoff Millar

Tasting Director
Sarah Sutel Looper

Tasting Coordinators
Alison Bart • Vitalii Dascaliuac

Regional Wine Editors
Stephanie Johnson
Patrick J. Comiskey • Patricio Tapia

Special Correspondent
David Darlington

Art Director
Mike Rush

Production Manager/Web Designer
Vivian Ho

Director of Digital Media
Elena Bessarabova-Leone

Contributing Writers
John Anderson • Elaine Chukan Brown • Tyler Colman
Jordan Mackay • Fiona Morrison MW • David Schildknecht
Erik Tennyson

Regional Correspondents
Bill Addison (Atlanta) • Ben Canaider (Australia)
Bill Ward (Midwest) • Alan Tardi (Italy)

Circulation & Marketing

Circulation Director
W. Charles Squires

Marketing Coordinator
Christine Ballard

Website Coordinator
Janusz Sikora

Curtis Circulation Company


Associate Publisher
Samantha Johnson
Phone: 415.255.7736 x2; Fax: 415.225.9659

Sales Coordinator
Kelsey LaPorte
Phone: 212.695.4660 x17; Fax: 212.695.2920

Wine & Spirits Magazine, Inc.

Joshua Greene

Vice President
Marcy T. Crimmins

Director of Finance
Roy Schneider, Jr.

Editorial and Business Office

Wine & Spirits
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New York, NY 10001, 212-695-4660

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