Wine Bar

Vini e Fritti

Reviewed in W&S April 2018 by Tara Q. Thomas  tqthomas
posted on April 4, 2018

Fried food and sparkling wine—what more do you need to know? The plates are Italian-style—think cheesy, mushroom-infused suppli, crisp artichokes and airy sweetbreads just out of a deep-fryer bath; the wine list is cherry=picked from the bubbles selection at Marta, Danny Meyer’s full-scale restaurant on the other side of the Redbury Hotel, and priced even more competitively. Order a glass of the Roger Coulon Henri Hodie ($17) while dipping crisp vegetables into bagna cauda, then debate whether to move on to Geoffroy’s Expression or Laherte Frères Beaudiers Rosé for the fried things.

 photo by Liz Clayman

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