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The Office

From Chicagoans Grant Achatz and Micah Melton, The Office is a different world from The Aviary, their experimental cocktail bar next door. Full of quilted leather, dark wood and animal hide, the focus is on Prohibition-era cocktails, with a twist. An Amaretto Sour gets a boost from Cynar 70, black truffle and smoked salt while the Passionfruit is a happy, if unlikely, marriage of rum, Dijon mustard and Chartreuse, made silky with an egg white. If cocktails aren’t your thing, raid the liquor cabinet, stocked with vintage Chartreuse, a collection of Scotch, Bourbon and whiskey spanning decades, and an 1835 Cognac available by the ounce.

    photo by David Lewis Taylor

Cocktail Bar Info

80 Columbus Circle, Manhattan, New York


2018 W&S NYC50

This review appears in the print edtion of the April 2018 issue.
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