Cocktail Bar

The Office

    photo by David Lewis Taylor

From Chicagoans Grant Achatz and Micah Melton, The Office is a different world from The Aviary, their experimental cocktail bar next door. Full of quilted leather, dark wood and animal hide, the focus is on Prohibition-era cocktails, with a twist. An Amaretto Sour gets a boost from Cynar 70, black truffle and smoked salt while the Passionfruit is a happy, if unlikely, marriage of rum, Dijon mustard and Chartreuse, made silky with an egg white. If cocktails aren’t your thing, raid the liquor cabinet, stocked with vintage Chartreuse, a collection of Scotch, Bourbon and whiskey spanning decades, and an 1835 Cognac available by the ounce.

Cocktail Bar Info

80 Columbus Circle, Manhattan, New York


2018 W&S NYC50

This review appears in the print edtion of the April 2018 issue.
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