The London Plane


At Matt Dillon’s London Plane, you’ll find fine Spanish ham, house pickles and mozzarella di bufala with flaked sea salt on offer (seek out anything with the restaurant’s bread, a naturally leavened sour loaf with a crackly, deeply browned crust). But you’ve come to this sunny, bright corner in Pioneer Square to drink (and then shop) from Marc Papineau’s carefully chosen wine list, spanning Loire chenin blanc, nebbiolo rosé from Piedmont, negrette from Armagnac, and viognier from local winery Novelty Hill. Be sure to bring a tote; the wine bar doubles as a wine shop, and you’ll want to enjoy these hard-to-find wines again.

Restaurant Info

300 Occidental Ave S., Seattle, Washington



This review appears in the print edtion of the June 2014 issue.
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