The Corner

    photo by Sean Falcon

Less than a year old, The Corner opened with a cellar to compete against Napa Valley’s three-star Michelins. Trevor Sheehan runs the wine list, indulging his obsessions with Burgundy, Champagne, old California and whiskey; Dustin Falcon is in the kitchen, turning out the sort of precise, seasonally driven food you’d expect from a Thomas Keller protégé. Stop in for a drink at the boisterous bar, or move into the more subdued dining room for a full-blown meal; either way, don’t miss the pork pastrami toast. If you can’t linger, however, know that all 1,000 selections on the wine list are available to go.




Restaurant Info

660 Main St., Napa Valley, California



2017 W&S SF50

This review appears in the print edtion of the October 2017 issue.
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