Wine Shop

Stanley’s Wet Goods

Reviewed in W&S June 2018 review by Patrick J. Comiskey  patcisco
posted on May 23, 2018

Stanley’s is the brainchild of John Stanley, an aerospace expat who wanted a clean, well-lit place for wines near his Venice Beach home. He settled on the edge of Culver City, transforming a dramatic loft-like space into a wine bar and retail shop. With its high ceilings, huge windows, natural light and muted pinewood shelves, it feels as serene as a library—when the bar’s not bustling, that is. His selections reflect what he likes to drink—“lighter bodied wines with power,” he says—like Bichi’s Pet-Mex, a sparkling wine from Baja, or Golden Cluster’s “Ode to Chuck” Coury Semillon, from an Oregon vineyard planted in 1966. You can try as many as 60 of the retail selections at the spare, streamlined bar at the front of the shop, or purchase a bottle and open it there for $20 corkage.

 photo by Nicholas Gourguechon