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Pegu Club

Pegu Club is not a library, though it would be wise to remember your reading glasses given its cocktail book collection; neither is it a laboratory, though the bartenders focus like pharmacists as they count dashes of bitters and droplets of tinctures to make drinks like the Pegu Club Cocktail, a keepsake from the original Pegu Club, where British officers congregated in colonial-era Rangoon. Audrey Saunders, formerly at Bemelmans, joined the folks behind NYC’s Flatiron Lounge to open this dark, Indo-Chinese-themed lounge secreted two floors above West Houston Street just days before Hurricane Katrina bombarded the Gulf Coast. Saunders, an activist cocktailian and protégé of Dale DeGroff, rallied the troops: By mid-September the armed forces of mixology, including New Orleans treasure Chris McMillian, were mixing up relief in the form of Sazeracs, Ramos gin fizzes and brandy milk punches, with proceeds going to relief funds. On less dramatic nights, head bartender Toby Maloney winds up as if on the pitcher’s mound to shake up cool-weather combinations, such as the Cognac-and-Calvados-based Tantris Sidecar and DeGroff’s minty Whiskey Smash.


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77 W. Houston St., Manhattan, New York


This review appears in the print edtion of the February 2007 issue.
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