NYC is having a love affair with Middle Eastern food, whether it’s the hummus at Dizengoff and halva at Seed + Mill, the pita at Miznon or falafel at Taïm. Only at Nur, however, does the food get the wine list it deserves. The whites are fragrant and textured, like Domaine Roche aux Moines Savennières and Wind Gap’s Fannuchi Wood Trousseau Gris—perfect for sipping while swiping the freshly baked breads through their assorted spice dips; the reds are spicy, lean and lively, like Julien Sunier Wild Soul Gamay and Castella Verduno Pelaverga, agile matches with the complex seasonings. This is the first US venture for Tel Aviv chef Meir Adoni, who’s teamed up with Gadi Peleg of Breads Bakery.

 photo by Serena Wong

Restaurant Info

34 E. 20th St., Manhattan, New York

Middle Eastern


2018 W&S NYC50

This review appears in the print edtion of the April 2018 issue.
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