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Esters-Benton's 14-Month Country Ham with Figs & Beet Molasses    photo by Emily Hart Roth

Set in a high-ceilinged anteroom for the old telephone company offices, Esters is the West Side’s do-not-miss wine destination of the moment. By day a retail shop, by night a bar, it’s the baby and brainchild of Kathryn Weil Coker and her husband, Tug; Kathryn has cobbled together a 350-bottle selection that’s personal and obsessive, with nearly 200 well-priced Burgundies. So powerful is the draw that even East Siders hit it: “It’s like the other side of the world for me,” says Jared Hooper of Faith & Flower, “but it’s totally worth the trip.”

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This review appears in the print edtion of the April 2019 issue.
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