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Dier Makr

Dier Makr occupies the ground floor of an Edwardian brownstone not far from Hobart’s bustling Salamanca Market district, the brainchild of Berliner Kobi Ruzicka and Australian Sarah Fitzsimmons. In Eltham, a Melbourne suburb, Ruzicka once owned the bar Little Drop of Poison, after stages cooking at the Fat Duck in London and Relae in Copenhagen. Now, taking advantage of Tasmania’s incredible seafood, beautiful produce and relatively cheap rents, Ruzicka puts out an inexpensive prix-fixe menu during the week with dishes like soft mallorquina sausage with smoked almonds on the side, or blue-eye trevalla (a local fish) in a crab sauce. Oddly, this wine bar has no wine list. Instead, you’re escorted to a small chamber filled with global, natural-leaning wine selections, like Momento Mori’s 2017 orange “Staring at the Sun” from the Adelaide Hills, or Causse Marines Gaillac Les Peyrouzelles, where you can have a chat with Fitzsimmons, and make your pick.

Wine Bar Info

123 Collins St., Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

+613 6288 8910

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