Restaurant Review: New York, New York

Back Label Wine Merchants

Bucking the trend of the microboutique wine shop, Patrick Watson and Michelle Pravda have taken over a former suit-sales warehouse in Chelsea and filled it
with wine. At over 3,000 square feet, it’s exponentially larger than Smith & Vine, the Brooklyn wine shop that launched them to local fame. Yet the space retains an indie-Brooklyn feel, with its bare, high ceilings, daylight streaming in from a row of high clerestory windows, and a shelf front-and-center labelled “high-acid wines.” In addition to a selection that skews to the lesser known and underappreciated, there’s a running roster of wine and spirits stars coming in to teach classes, from Chicago bartender Robby Haynes (Violet Hour) to Will Tell and Sadat X, the “True Wine Connoisseurs” of YouTube. An added bonus: Watson and Pravda have opened a branch of their cheese store, Stinky Brooklyn, right next door.