The NoMad Cocktail Book and The NoMad Cookbook

Tucked into a pocket on the back cover of The NoMad Cookbook, bartender Leo Robitschek’s ode to the NoMad cocktail bar is understated and elegant, detailed down to minutiae, just like its namesake. In among the cocktail recipes, which he’s organized just as he does the bar menu—aperitifs, light spirited, dark spirited, classics and soft cocktails—he’s woven in the sort of information that illustrates why every drink at the NoMad stands out, from tips on minimizing waste (start with the ingredients needed in the smallest volumes) to choosing a proper sweetener, comparing Brix in syrups made from demerara, cane, moscovado, agave and honey. Read carefully, and you’ll even discover a monumental recipe: the Mai Tai Cocktail Explosion for 15 guests that you should be serving at your next cocktail party.

by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara (Ten Speed Press, $100)

Reviewed in W&S February 2016.

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