Naked Wine

review by Carson Demmond
March 2, 2012

Alice Feiring’s Naked Wine is an intimate account of her exploration into the world of natural wine, a subject that she has made the focus of her writing career. Her quest takes her to Beaujolais, through the Ardèche, to Green Spain and back to the States, where she challenges herself to make wine by her own strict guidelines. A fast read made lively and provocative by Feiring’s usual feistiness and opinionated prose, this reads in places like a mystery novel, with P.I. Feiring hot on the trail of the natural wine movement’s most elusive personalities and earliest instigators. At its best, the book is as much about confronting her high ideals of transparent winemaking as it is about questioning the status quo, bringing author and reader to a better, more nuanced understanding of both.

This review appears in the print edtion of the December 2011 issue.
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